Bangkok Diaries: Day 4

Five days have passed since our athletes arrived in Bangkok and the majority of them have slowly but surely settled into personal routines while adhering to the strict guidelines in place.

A few of them have been hitting the gym and we let Praveen Jordan get the ball rolling today with his ‘I mean business’ look.

Been a while since we saw this bunch. How exciting!

Michelle Li has been spotted strutting around Impact Convention Centre with new facial features.


Introducing Viktor Axelsen’s “Isolation Tapes”.

The vlog bug has also bitten Goh Liu Ying.

And say peace to Tai Tzu Ying’s grandma.


This is what keeps Egypt’s Hadia Hosny going.

Vegemite! Gronya Somerville’s Australianness can never be questioned again.


We wrap up today’s diary with this uplifting message.

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