‘Great to be Back Playing Badminton’

The array of measures put in place by Badminton Association of Thailand (BAT) and the Royal Thai Government to ensure the safest possible environment for athletes and their entourage at the Asian Leg of the HSBC BWF World Tour proved worthwhile at the conclusion of the three consecutive tournaments on 31 January.

Once the final prizes were handed out, the closing of a new ‘badminton bubble’ at the Impact Arena brought hope and signified a new ecosystem for future tournaments.

The strict measures, in compliance with the requirements of Thailand’s Department of Disease Control, were communicated to Member Associations, players and coaches before departure.

Notably, those who had been off the circuit for almost a year knew the significance of the Asian Leg to their careers and the sport.


Wu found fun things to do in Bangkok.

“BAT and all the support staff have been great. I stay in my room and only leave for training or playing. I always find fun things to do like playing games or watching action films. I feel safe here.”

Anthony Sinisuka Ginting

“I’m really grateful to BWF and BAT because it wouldn’t have been possible to play badminton again without them. It’s really good we were all here a week before the tournament.”

Sourabh Verma

“We’ve had to make changes, as it’s not your typical tournament preparation but it’s the same for everyone, just need to adapt.”

Oliver Leydon-Davis

“It’s amazing how BAT has been able to move people with the least amount of contact. ‘Staying in room’ was something we had to adjust to. We’ve done online games to keep ourselves sane.”

Josephine Wu

“It’s great to be back playing badminton.”

Brice Leverdez


“We’re staying in a lovely place and playing badminton again. Things are much stricter but we understand why. We’re fortunate to be here and that’s what everyone has to try and embrace.”

Anthony Clark

“The protocols are very useful, they need to be in place in these times. Makes sense with people travelling from all over the world. At the end of the day, we understand it’s necessary.”

Kenneth Jonassen

The Asian Leg gave Senawongsa new memories.


“It’s a big tournament to organise. Safety has been prioritised for all the players, technical officials and support staff of these three tournaments.”

Reza Roshan Omid, Iran

“It’s a good way for the Thailand Government, BAT and BWF to bring badminton back. As technical officials, we look forward to sharing this experience with future hosts.”

Abdul Latif Jaohari, Indonesia


“This has been such a great experience, not just the badminton, which I have loved, but also meeting so many wonderful people from all over the world.”

Tanida Senawongsa

“I’ve had to adapt to new measures like swab tests every four days, isolating and bonding with a new team. This tournament is very different but it’s been really fun in parts too.”

Adisak Bua-nuam

Jaohari cherishes the adventure in the bubble and wants to use the experience at upcoming events.

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